All-Inclusive trip 🇬🇧

Last week I took a trip through a parallel world: an all-inclusive resort hotel. What a strange experience!

To Tenerife 

Going from home to a two hours-flight summer island in November. You would have to be a fool not to accept the invitation. I packed my bag in two minutes! Wonderful! A new trip, it sounded like the opportunity to get off the beaten tracks: new people, different culture and so on.

At least, it is what I thought! Before that my arm was surprisingly caught by a hotel front desk agent who banded it as if I were a carrier pigeon.

The magic bracelet

I found myself labelled with an orange fluorescent and unbreakable band. A free access to the club facilities: sport, food

While I was dreaming about an ankle bracelet, I realised that it could be difficult to order a drink with my foot. And I burst out laughing.

A standardised world pass

This is ‘the’ recognition element. No matter where you are, it guarantees to you to eat your food, to queue like in the public transport, to speak your own language. To sum up it, you travel without leaving your comfort zone.

It was a real discovery! At least, just one thing comforted me, everybody was wearing the same ridiculous bracelet!

And about the feeling of escape?

A little back door giving access to the public beach. When I went out, I instantly felt a greater sense of freedom. But it was a short-lived moment of glory because suddenly I realised that I was alone but still banded with a plastic bracelet and a serial number