Back home and a special thanks for all the Team 🇬🇧

Dear all team, Today, I have to leave from the hospital, it’s time for me to go back home! And I would like to express all my thankfulness to all of you!!

For so many reasons, it was a hard time for me to cope with! I was far from my country and my family, I was weak and sad about all the problems I had to face recently with  my Parkinson’s disease and on the top of that it was not my own native language neither as you!

However, I went here and I discovered that a hospital could also be a very warm-hearted and open-minded place full of different kinds of jobs but for all of you, really professional and dedicated to patients.

From morning to morning, so 24 hours/day, I found someone on my way when I needed. Even, when I did not ask for anything, all of you were still ready for taking care or talking with me (a big thanks also to all the volunteers I met there).

For sure now, I can go home, peaceful and quiet because I know that in case of troubles, I won’t be afraid to come back here!

Thank you so much for everything, for having spoken in English (and even sometimes in French when it was possible) to the little French girl, for all the meals brought with so much hope and smiles, for your patience, your dedication and your understanding. Finally, I was far from home and family but I found here much better than a prescription and a promise of recovering… I have never felt lonely and sad because of all of you.

For a patient, the environment is so important and can be a part of the healing!

So, thank you so much! I wish you all the best for the future and even if I don’t dream about coming back soon here (for my disease), it’ll be strange for me tomorrow not to share time with you!

(Huge thanks also to my dearest and dedicated English teacher without whom all of this would not have been possible!)

The little French girl from room 50…