Parkinson can’t steal my heart 🇬🇧 đŸ‡«đŸ‡·

Four years ago,
The 10th of January,
You said, ‘I’ll go for it.’

Without doubting, nor hesitating.

Four years ago,
Parkinson was already there,
without being identified,

without being called.


As new as our love.

But you were here,
With such a beautiful smile,
Still optimistic,

With so much love.

One day RMI,
The day after at the City Hall,
But you didn’t bend

Truly happy.

Six months later,
Parkinson was detected,
we were already married

You’ve taken up the challenge.

In the middle of the storm,
Your love protects me against
emptiness and madness,

Such a warm feeling.

Love is so important,
I feel so lucky,
I feel so happy,

Thank you so much.

Parkinson is here,
But can’t take my heart,
which is beating for you,

my love forever.

Since the first day I saw you,
I have no doubt,
You are the one

I was waiting for.

Parkinson is nothing
Compared to our love
Parkinson is nothing

but has strengthened our love.

Lili Saint Laurent © 2013