The shadow’s fighters 🇬🇧

Honestly, first I decided to publish my writing about Parkinson for not going crazy. I was on my own path as a poor seal dumped out on the ice floes.

Before, I was already writing but words were fighting alone in my cupboard without finding any way to get out from my head.

So, publishing them was really the first step for me to recover.

Some magic and funny words put together for talking about Parkinson’s disease, joking about my own fight and most of all, for showing that even sick we can be creative and alive!

I have to recognise that illness is a huge trial to go through but it can also be a good way to strengthen oneself in order to become a better human being. These are two sides of the same coin. And staring only at one side is definitely not the best way to recover!

So, that’s why I started my own blog: ‘My own little world’. For sure, with my hard times, my temporary sadness, my difficulties but also with a bit of humour, a lot of poetry, music and so on

When I began I was not able to think about sharing my experience with other shadow’s fighters.

Perhaps because it was already difficult to share it on my own. 🙂 But finally, today after almost eight months, I suddenly realised that this experience made me different! Step by step, because people went on Fils de Park’s or because I discovered blogs or web forums, I started to talk and share with them without even being afraid. It came naturally and was like a warm feeling of well-being. And what I discovered impressed me so much!

I was not alone anymore in a deep dark forest of nonsense.

We were all together stronger as we had never been separately
 Each experience is different, everybody has his own view and way of coping but on the whole, we are the shadow’s fighter’s with some similar failures and pains.

I really admire the way they have taken, they are so courageous and optimists! Most of them are fighting more for the whole community rather than for themselves. With so much kindness and warm-hearted feelings! For me, it’s really a great lesson of life.

I will surely forget some names (please forgive me
) but I think about Marian, Christine, Jean-Philippe, Marie-Claude, Marie-Christine, Claudine

And also some wonderful fundraising projects as PDChallenge, The Michael J. Fox Foundation