Take a look at my life for one week 🇬🇧

Have you ever thought about ditching all for living in other ways? Or, at least dreaming about a better life, focused on beloved ones, quietness and happiness.

Living with Parkinson’s disease offers you the real opportunity to live an amazing experience. A quick but deep feeling of candour, a breeze of freshness and vitality.

Feel the urgency need to live now
Without delaying your life
24 hours in a time
Take your timeBe proud of every step you achieve
Be a good delegator and listener
Enhance your daily life
Forget your regrets
Take care of yourself
Show loved ones you care
Be the king of your own kingdom

Keep the candour of being simply delighted

It may appear to be all so easy, but it was not for me.

Parkinson’s disease offers me a new path lined with humility, courage and strength.

I have really no idea if it is possible to feel all of these without being sick but I strongly hope it may be the case for most of you.

Whatever, sick or not, Fils de Park’s offers you the opportunity to think about it. During one week, you can experience one or more sentences above. Choose one you don’t normally practice in your daily life and feel free to share with us your feelings about by email at parkinsonandi@gmail.com

And we never know perhaps it’s about making a difference in your daily life that will remain in your memories for longer!