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  1. Anonyme
    1 novembre 2012 @ 10h50

    oh, what great nostalgia brings up this photo, my dear. 🙂

    looks like fireworks coming out of our old apartment 🙂

    I miss you, my dear!

    ton Scoobie


  2. Lili Saint Laurent
    1 novembre 2012 @ 11h09

    My dear Scoubie … exactly as if your house were on fire! I would have loved so much to be with you for taking pictures during this fireworks!! I miss you a lot my dear Parisienne :-)!


  3. Anonyme
    1 novembre 2012 @ 12h29

    My dear,

    I think I know what you feel when you look out your window. What a strange little town, and yet how deep has spread its roots into our souls. It will be with us forever, no matter how far away we shall be from it. But by looking at that picture, or looking out your window, you will know my thought is always with you, until next time I'll be there, to scream at you or tell you that you are moving too slow 🙂 or to mess up your recipes.

    here's a song that makes me think of the rain on the street in our dear little town, while sipping tea and looking out of your window:


  4. Anonyme
    2 novembre 2012 @ 15h43

    Notre 1iere maison, c'est pas la classe quand meme ? Super photo
    Ton lecteur le plus partial


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