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  1. Anonyme
    2 juillet 2012 @ 15h12

    yes I will saisir,l'occasion, to talk :

    this very afternoon, I had the pleasure and the honnor to share a little time with the author of this blog- an amazing and beautiful person – you know that she is if you know her – if you don't : you know it now! – and her man, as beautiful as her in another way.
    She does as well very personal creations with paper and other materials – I am sure you will see what she does soon on that blog.
    As a painter (en bâtiments) I don't know well either blogs neither how to put pictures on it –
    there is no join something … or I didn't see it
    but, I will find a way to do.

    Yes, Michaux, Henri gave and gives us what he had.
    Other so-called artists and many persons do –
    with their creations, with a smile, in the street, that as well makes us live.
    Have a look on Tsvetaieva, her poetry, on Trakl,in german (translation of poems is fucking hell difficult , but get what you can in a language you understand, and : Anne-Marie Albiach, en français …

    so long
    your peintre en bâtiments


  2. Anonyme
    2 juillet 2012 @ 17h20

    My dear peintre en bâtiments,

    take care and thanks a lot for this comment!
    Always in my mind and in my heart …
    With love!!!


  3. Roma is the first stop of our life trip
    2 juillet 2012 @ 23h25

    New worlds of words to discover, keep on providing more or more promising references!
    With love. Always.


  4. and the beginning of my life
    3 juillet 2012 @ 22h44

    'You don't have to be a star to be on my show…'
    But you are a star and the best gift I have ever had in my life for giving me the power to keep on writing and fighting!


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