Somewhere over the rainbow đŸ‡ŹđŸ‡§

Since one month

10 flights
6 motorbike trips
13 tuk-tuk rides
11 bus tours
1 sea kayak trip
12 taxi trips
2 bike tours
3 train journeys
5 ski runs

From Vietnam to Cambodia, from Amsterdam to Lyon, while passing through Aussois, Grenoble and Crest
 I crossed the month at comet speed!

The desire to live more intensely
 I did it, and I am so happy! I couldn’t have imagined climbing so many steps, to cross through so wonderful landscapes and, moreover, to ski!

And now, I am full of hope with my heart filled with loved. By cons, my brain mate is totally lost, between jet lag and intensive sport
 Cold and hot weather and so on. Hard time is coming!

But I have absolutely no regrets, I feel serene and even if I will have to fight at least, I know the reason why!

Time is now coming for a new round of rest and work, with habits and physiotherapy
 Back to roots
 Home sweet home!