Mister Parkinson has bad habits! 🇬🇧

How could we imagine this Fils de Park’s to be so stubborn and homebody!  

After all these years of forced cohabitation, I still do not understand why he always strives to spoil my life. Even when I am so happy!

His determination to live without any emotion or feeling verges on the absurd

And how is this even possible? Nobody can’t reasonably dream about a dull and colorless life. This remains a mystery to me. Even if I do my best, nothing is ever good enough for him! But as far as I am concerned, I can’t afford to live in a protective bubble.

Real life happens somewhere else!

Our last huge stumbling block concerns the fact that I decided to move to another country. No sooner had I made the decision than he became angry. And believe me, my brain-mate has a great harmful potential!

He immediately turned my body into a stone statue full of stiffness and stress. Refusing any option to relax, he was just aiming to let me lie on the sofa all day long, in a depressive mood.

But even if this is painful and tiring, I am not ready to give up!

We have already done a lot together by testing two different European health care systems, by learning a new language. So, why should I be afraid to discover a third one?

It is just because Parkinson is more than a chronicle disease and seems directly linked to our nervous system. Thus, any violent emotion or change in our daily life can quickly cause a lot of stress with all the accompanying pain, chaos and disruption.

I can’t deny that I am aware of the bad side effects of Parkinson’s disease but it is more powerful than myself, I refuse to be resigned yet. May you think that I am out of my mind to take that path but I will do it anyhow!

Fils de Park’s has often hurt me, made me sometimes weaker while stronger than before

I have become a fighter. Moreover, it showed me the way to learn about the power of wisdom and compromise.

Despite the physical pain, I really don’t want him to decide what is good or not good for me. Now, after all these years, I  cope with it better. And I’m sure I’ll find a nice place where my dreams and disabilities can live together.

This choice is both painful and lifesaving, exhausting and refreshing, shadowy and luminous.

Similar to Fils de Park’s, an arid land surrounded by fields of hope.