Parkinson is my new workshop 🇬🇧

I am a bookbinder and I have a Parkinson’s disease. And you may say ‘So What?’ Nothing, except the fact that…

My job provided me with a solid ground for coping with this Fils de Park’s

Handcraft work requires discipline, patience and a strong determination. You also need to be organized without fear of loneliness. Does it sound familiar? Yes, of course! Almost the same skills that you need for living with a chronic disease. So, it was welcome and helpful!

However, I totally forgot that this Fils de Park’s never practiced bookbinding before! He is as clumsy as I am skillfull and so impatient. That’s why I need to learn about new skills for gaining in endurance, strength and humility.

Because, he seems not to be a big fan neither of perfection nor of professionalism! And even if I try to keep it up, he often makes a fool of me. By doing spots with the glue, by using my brushes like drumsticks or by shaking constantly for instance.

How I can resist? I have an extensive experience, sharpened reflexes and I have always been a book lover! My heartfelt thanks to Sophie who taught me everything…

Until now, I can still practice regularly and create nice guest books for my small business. I feel lucky!

And finally, like today, when the work is done, I instantly forget the efforts and the disease. And I just think that, me and my dear brain-mate are still together, an incredible team