Let it go 🇬🇧

It is a hard struggle between me and myself or more precisely, between the person I used to be and the one I become.

One month yet and I am still like an oil-caked sea-bird. I work on it, I stumble, I cling to the past but it is over.

As a fly trapped under a glass

I am troubled and exhausted! I feel stuck in my herenow. By agreeing to change profoundly, we run the risk of loosing ourselves into the unknown. My stomach twists or perhaps is it my heart, I really do not know anymore. My body is ripped and my brain endlessly lost in time, is looking for tomorrow.  

But there is this little inner voice whispering ‘don’t give up’ – ‘keep going on’ – ‘let it go, let it go’…

If you open your heart, you can truly learn about who you are as a person. – Breathe, relax in order to face your own body – Listen to it for building a better future.

We had to be sick for accepting such a gamble

But I looked closer and I understood that it was the exact opposite.  Finally, I would have been sick not to meet up this challenge!

So, little soldier, keep up the good work, – breathe,  let it go, let it go – and soon …

You will discover a wonderful path towards hope and serenity!

Thank you from the whole of my heart to A.B. for her warm reception, her kindness and for this wonderful trip into the Feldenkrais world.