Tribute to Fan 🇬🇧

In a few days, I should have called you for turning 49 of age.

For your birthday

As usual, we would have talked about everything and nothing and laughed a lot. Once more, you would have offered me the “work less for earning more” recipe and yelled out about something by principle. And finally, your modesty may not have allowed you to mention your deepest feelings.

After, during one visit to Paris, we would have celebrated it in a bar with a glass of red wine and a lot of cigarettes while listening  to Mink DeVille or Roy Orbison all night long. That is rock and roll!

Friendship is hard work

Together we won it. Not without any difficulty but finally, he offered us the feeling to be invincible. Today, I have the same feeling and despite the fact that you let me helpless, I know that we were right to fight.

It is a wild garden, a bubble of happiness which enlighten our way. We absolutely need to take care of it on a daily basis. This feeling is borderless, without any question of time. And if you let it go, offering your love without any expectation, it makes you stronger, more serene.

Carpe diem

Your tragic loss reminds me that we have to live here and now without betting on the future. We just have to plant lovely seeds today for not becoming afraid of tomorrow. You went too fast but you are still living in my heart
 forever. We were right to fight!

Take care my dear Fan, still on the fast line with wind-in-hair!!