It’s beyond my control 🇬🇧

Even for an expensive price, I would like to obtain a recipe for coping with my dearest Fils de Park’s. And why? Simply because there is one question that keeps going round in my head: what can I do at forty years old with the timetable of a really old person?

No doubt for me, I have nothing against the elderly

Even if they have more energy and motion that I would never have! It seems like a bad remake of ‘Back to the future’
 I came back to my former life but with my old body. Which movie maker could imagine such a disaster scenario?

Whatever, I cannot yet surrender nor resign myself to a retired life!

Because, normally, forty years old, it’s the precise moment for raising kids, working like crazy and getting into troubles because you feel ‘invincible’!

Not to be confused with ‘invisible’, my own feeling right now. So, my question remains still the same: what could I do in between? For sure, too late for the kids or too young for only knitting and taking care of my cat. That’s why I have the feeling that I have unconsciously chosen to get into troubles, in order to become invincible!

Perhaps it’s the stupidest idea that I have ever had since the beginning of my shared time with Parkinson! But, at the same time, I have to recognise that it is the funniest and most liveable way!

Unless I feel more tired and uncomfortable, I am not ready yet to lay down arms

The last week, it took a lot of time to do bookbindings! Sometimes, I had to repeat more than twice the same process in order to succeed in but I did it as little wise soldier. Humility is the first and huge step you learn with Parkinson, for sure.

I’ll continue this week and the week after
 As a captain, who is keeping the ship on an even keel, I’ll do my best to stand strong through the storm!

And next month? As I did in December, a trip abroad, but a long one! Almost one month from Vietnam to Cambodia. It’s the wonderful present that my dearest friends offered me when I turned 40, for me and my brain mate! A huge challenge but the best way for me to feel as anybody as this age, free and invincible!

Thank you so much!